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Chuck Murza
Chief Technology Officer
Saundra Deltac, Ph.D
Academic Advisor

Dr. Deltac is a Language Instruction Education Program (LIEP) Specialist for Falls Church City Public Schools. She previously was Assistant Professor in the College of Education at Towson University where she trained future educators on research based best practices in the methodology of ESL instruction.  From 2004 to 2102 Saundra taught at Emory University in Atlanta where she earned a doctorate in Educational Studies. Her Dissertation “Teachers of America’s Immigrant Students: Citizenship Instruction for English Language Learners” established her as an expert in her field. 

Chuck has over 12 years of experience in the IT field and has led the programming of the SW App.  Chuck has developed, enhanced, or maintained numerous applications in a variety of different industries, and specializes in using web and database technology.  He produced the initial concept of a Mobile App which the first focus group reviewed and provided guidance for the iterations that followed.

The Sentence Wheel mobile App is being created with continuous feedback from ESOL professionals like you.  Sentence Wheel(TM) is intended for use as a supplemental instructional tool in the classroom.  It provides ESOL Instructors with an engaging way to stimulate student interest in learning proper sentence construction.  Sentence Wheel™ also provides students with a fun and easy way to practice sentence construction between classes. 

The current BETA version of the Sentence Wheel™ was funded with a grant from the National Science Foundation and is designed for Adult ESOL students taking intermediate level classes.  As we are able to finance further development we will add  new functions and new content for new levels.

Sentence Wheel™ is free for your classroom use.  To help us improve the App, we ask that you provide feedback and suggestions for improvement – use the download buttons on our home page to get Sentence Wheel installed on your preferred mobile device.  Or simply go to iTunes or Google Play,  search for Sentence Wheel and hit "download".  Have your students download Sentence Wheel™ so they can follow you in lessons.

Dave Cecil, Founder
Rob Meissner, CEO

Rob is an experienced Ed Tech specialist who has been instrumental in crafting the product road map for Sentence Wheel.  The current form of the SW App is due to Rob's extensive work with ESOL professionals to understand the demands and needs that both ESOL instructors and administrators face in improving classroom outcomes.

Dave Cecil is a dedicated ESOL instructor, a career he has enjoyed for the past 9 years.  Dave is a persistent entrepreneur who began his career as an electronics technician in the US Navy. He progressed through a number of management positions with Northrop Grumman.  After accepting an early retirement, he found his passion in teaching in 2007.  Since that time, he has been helping ESOL students learn English as an Adjunct Professor at the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC). 

Our Team