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Download Instructions

Students at Baltimore City Community College

The current version of The Sentence Wheel is free. The focus is verb tenses, but includes much more. The Sentence Wheel App is designed for adult intermediate level students.  Have your students download the App and use it for a semester.  Contact us to tell us how to improve Sentence Wheel and we will keep you posted as new releases are available. Apple users can download at the Apple i-Tunes Store.  Android (Samsung and other non Apple users) can download at the Google Play Store.  As more content becomes available new editions will be released. 

What students are saying about Sentence Wheel:

  • “This gives me more confidence.”

  • “I can’t wait to practice at home,”

  • “The app gives me more choices!”

  • “It's a quick way to learn English!”

  • “It’s easy and fun to use.”

  • “I would like to use it at home to practice more.”

  • “Tells you if you're right or wrong, real time”