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Sentence WheelTM Improves Acquisition of English Language Skills

Administrators Support Sentence WheelTM
"As a teacher and now as an administrator, I have used, and continue to use Sentence WheelTM, and find it an effective teaching tool. It is elegantly simple and yet serves a basic and existing need for students; that of creating grammatically correct sentences."
What students  are saying:
“This gives me more confidence.”

“I can’t wait to practice at home,”

“The app gives me more choices!”

“It's a quick way to learn English!”

(Quotes from students during ALPHA testing at Baltimore City Community College)

ESOL Instructors Love the Increase in Participation
"the Sentence WheelTM App is a great way to encourage full class participation and engagements.  This is especially true when working on grammar topics that many students do not find interesting."

In discussions with numerous ESOL teachers we learned that their students find paper work books and text materials to be BORING! ESOL teachers have told us that their students need interesting, life relevant materials to stimulate classroom engagement.  And as you know - "Practice makes perfect" - is more than an adage - it has been proven over and over again in research studies going back as far as the 1950's.  ELL's have far too few opportunities to practice what they learn in your classrooms.  The Sentence WheelTM Mobile App solves these problems with a fun and easy way to introduce grammar skills to English Language Learners. And it gives them a fun way to practice between classes. Using continuous feedback from ESOL teachers like you we developed the BETA version of Sentence WheelTM.  Have your students download and use Sentence WheelTM in your next lesson!